Jaguar XJR-15

We offer for sale : Jaguar XJR 15
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Chassis : "001" car in France
Prototype : Number one Personnal Collection of Walkinshaw.

Jaguar D Type Michelotti - XKD 513.1956 (sold)

We offer for sale : Jaguar D Type
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Engine n° E2022-9 Reg. N° 6478 AT69 Colour French Blue Supplied to Delecroix, Paris; sold, via H. Peignaux, Lyons, to Jean-Marie Brussin; 1957 Le Mans, with Jean Lucas, as Los Amigos team 3 OA. 1958 Le Mans, with Guelfi, 3-litra engine (EE1208-10 with 35/40 head) fitted by the factory works, Brussin crashed fatally; bonnet and tail section tom off in accident & scrapped at Le Mans. Stay in storage until sold, in 1960, to Michelotti. 1963 car displayed at Geneva motor show with very stylish GT body; late 1960’s car imported into USA by Richard F. Carter (Oeorgia); used only for display purposes to generale money for a Church; 1973 sold to Andrew Gortway (UK); shipped to Lynx where engine, gearbox and suspensions were removed to build a Replica D type using a complet new monocoque.
Michelotti D Type sold to Bill Lake with the mecanics of 4.2 E-type. registration 20 KOG, This unique D Type coupe was later sold to Roland Urban, France) 1999 Sold to Spain. It's a unique opportunity to own the ONLY one off Jaguar D Type in the world.

Elligible for all events. FIA papers.

325 CV Engine with 3 Webers.
RHD New Suspension and ready to race again

Jaguar Type D Lynx 1972 (sold) 

We offer for sale : Jaguar D Type Lynx
Proponiamo in vendita : Jaguar D type Lynx
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100 % Alloy : Fully documented.
Built in 1976 for Guy Black co owner of Lynx Company
The car is a short nose lightweight D Type
1982 Sold to Cameron Miller
This is the famous car who was sold in England with the V12 Westlake 400 cv
1984 Sold to John Young
1994 Sold tp Graham Cook
Sold to Belgium to Philippe Edwards who remove the V12 and send back the car to Lynx
to install a correct D type engine 300 CV
Sold to England to Lafuge
This is the most well known Lynx D type with complet history on files (10 centimetres high on documentation)
English papers. Very Good Condition.

Jaguar Tojeiro D Type Barchetta 1957/1958 (sold) 

We offer for sale : Jaguar Tojeiro D Type
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D Type Engine Dry Sump 300 HP
with 35/40 degree wide angle cylinder head
Triple Weber Carburettors
D Type Light Alloy 4 Speed Close Ratio Gearbox
with Lightweight Limited Slip Differential
Sold to John Ogier. Sold to John Tojeiro who restore the car in 1989 .
We have all documentation and all the letter from Tojeiro.
FIA papers. RHD

XK 150 cabriolet 1956 (sold)

We offer for sale : Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet
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Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet
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Jaguar XK 150 Cabriolet

LHD old english white, Original red leather, Matching numbers
Hich standard restaured condition. Car like new. Restored on a very good base.
End of restauration: 2000 - drove 4.000km
Engine, gear-box, breakes, chromes, screws, soft top, tank, woods.
Carburators & wire wheels new. Wondefull condition
perfect driving condition
58.000 Euros all in Car in south of France
Many other pictures availavle with all perfect details of the car.

Jaguar XK 150 Roadster 1957  (sold) 

We offer for sale : Jaguar XK 150
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Jaguar XK 150
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Jaguar XK 150

Car was modified in England by a shop was converted Rolls Royce
Owner bought the car 33 years ago.
3800 cc. Very good old condition.

Jaguar SS 100 (sold)

We offer for sale : Jaguar SS100
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Jaguar SS100
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Jaguar SS100

"one of "by Bidee rebody in 1951 in Belgium. Elligible Mille Miglia, was racing in Liege-Rome-Liege - Fantastic unrestored condition. Car in Belgium

Jaguar SS 100 2.5 (sold)

We offer for sale : Jaguar SS100 2.5
Proponiamo in vendita :
Jaguar SS100 2.5
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Jaguar SS100 2.5

Grey, Black leather, red carpets
Chassis 49025
Body 4915
Engine (L)845E not original engine but a SS 100 one
Owner baught the car in 1986 at COYS for 500.000F. Car has original restaured body. Car has endeed a very nice body restauration with a very nice dark métalic grey paint made in 1994. Unfortunatly owner had a big health problem in 1995. So car quite did not moved since body restauration in 1994. Today car is rust-free, body is like new and grey paint is wonderfull like new. (don't take care about dust you can see on the car with pictures). Very nice looking under the car.
Front calender has a small dent on top right side. Horns are not original.
Original P90 size head lights.
Soft-top and cover top are new (1994 but never used) - Interior is very nice. Black leather is like new. Doors pannels are perfect. Red carpets are like new. Woods of floors and into the body are perfect. Wonderfull dashboard and steering wheel. Original Cigarette lighter was restaured and is like new.
Looks like new under the dash board. Electric system was also full restaured like new in 1994. Very clean and nice looking everywhere under the hood. Battery box and wood is like new but no battery inside. Good Exhaust pipe is good. 4 Tyres are used and old. they must be changed anyway. We all know that engine would need a restauration, and may be breakes also. Anyway, engine is not locked, and car can be restarted and driven with this engine. Details are very nice looking everywhere you look on the car. 1994 restauration was made in a very beautifull and smart way, even is it's not a full high standard retauration that makes vintage cars like new everywhere.

Jaguar Berkshire HWM Barchetta (sold) 

We offer for sale : Jaguar Berkshire HWM Barchetta
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Jaguar Berkshire HWM Barchetta
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Jaguar Berkshire HWM Barchetta

1951 - 3400 cc Jaguer - FIA papers - Ready to race - Car in France

Jaguar 220 S (sold) 

We offer for sale : Jaguar 220 S
Proponiamo in vendita :
Jaguar 200 S
Bieten wir zum Verkauf :
Jaguar 220 S


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